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Why did the fox cross the road?

So it could catch the chicken!

What do you get if you cross a snowman with a vampire?


What did Mr Kettle say to Jack Tetley when he found him cheating on his maths test?

“You’re now going to find yourself in some serious hot water!!!”

How many leprechauns do you need to change a light bulb??

None, they’ve got Irish luck so the bulb never needs to be changed

Why does the colour orange sometimes feel a bit blue?

Because it goes slightly yellow when it goes out wIth red

Why did the alien get a ticket for it's spacecraft?

Because it's warp drive broke Newtons' Second Law.

Why are icebergs always lonely?

Because they’ve been frozen out.


  What profession is more lightly to know if their going to have a sunnier or a gloomier day at work today?

A weather presenter.

What is a giraffe’s favourite internet browser?


What do you call a homeless turtle?

Shell shocked

What part of a meal does a camel like the most?

The desert

What is a laughing monkey’s favourite chocolate?

A Snickers Bar

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